How to look after your tattoo 
Remove your covering as soon as indoors and gently wash with water. 
Keep your tattoo clean and dry 
Shower/bath as normal however take care to not soak your tattoo for a long period and pat dry after 
Use your chosen aftercare 2-3 times daily (always use sparingly) 
Leave to heal for a minimum of 9 days for outline and 2 weeks for colour. 
Pick or scratch your tattoo at anytime 
Swimming is not advised for 2 weeks after having your tattoo 
Go out in extreme (hot) conditions without sunscreen on your tattoo whilst healing 
How to look after your piercing 
All piercings require different after care, your piercer will give you specific after care instructions once pierced. 
Laser removal 
Keep area clean and cool once treated (ice pack, after care solution) 
Make sure the treated area is not restricted by tight clothing for the first few days 
Use a small amount of sun screen on area when out in the sun. 
Do not expose area to heat ( sunbathing, sunbeds) 
Do not irritate area (scratching, rubbing, picking) 
You can purchase any aftercare you require from our studio. 
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